JubiLee Scholarship Fund

Diane, Allison, and Amy Lee Memorial Legacy

The JubiLee Scholarship Fund

Honoring the Legacy of Diane, Allison, and Amy Lee

The JubiLee Scholarship Fund was established in 2005 for deserving seniors graduating from public high schools. The scholarship funds are for students who are in the top 20 per cent of their graduating class, live in the seven county Nashville area, and whose family income is below the median family income. 



Thanks to the generosity of our donors, dedicated to investing in students' futures, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee administer more than 85 scholarship funds through an open application process. Some scholarships help students from a particular school or area; others provide financial assistance to those pursuing a specific field of study; still others assist students most in need.

Students apply to the program and, if eligible, can be awarded scholarships from one or more of these unique funds established by a variety of donors.

Questions? Please contact our Scholarship Coordinator, Pat Cole at 615-321-4939 or by email at pcole@cfmt.org. 




Jubilee Scholarship announces the 2014 Scholarship recipients

Congratulations to the following students

Tahreem Fatima

Gabriela T. Flores

Salvador Hernandez

                                   Zara M. Latif                                      
(Zahraa Abdulameer)

Su Kyung Kang

Abbegail J. Miller

Hang T. Nguyen

Madeleine I. Seage

Jasmine A. Snell

Alex M. Wu


Since 2006, The Jubillee Scholarship has awarded 

49 scholarships, totaling $129,100.00


Passion and Commitment

Diane Lee's concern for those around her and commitment to volunteering her time, talent and energy to those less fortunate was a philosophy, a calling, and a way of life she instilled in Amy and Allison that they, too, embraced as their own. From all of our conversations with people since their deaths, a common theme has emerged: Diane's passion and commitment to helping under-privileged public school students was a major priority in her life.

In recognition of Diane's contribution to society, JubiLee Scholarship Fund for under-privileged public high school seniors has been created. Diane would have greatly appreciated your efforts in contributing to this endowment for the education of deserving students. It would be a true memorial to Diane and the girls if this effort resulted in Forest Hills embarking on a community outreach program to serve high-achieving, disadvantaged students into perpetuity -- a true blessing and memorial to Diane and the girls.

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Message from Diane's Parents
Message from Andy Lee