JubiLee Scholarship Fund

Diane, Allison, and Amy Lee Memorial Legacy

Fund Status

Received as of December 31, 2007:

            Total Funds Over  $381,753

Four Scholarships were awarded in August of 2007. We anticipate six to be awarded in 2008. At present, Jubilee scholarships are $3,000 per school year.
  We need your help to assure the success of this endeavor to carry on the work Diane and the girls held most dear in their lifetime!

We ask that you participate monetarily if you can, and also by communicating this project to your family and friends. We would greatly appreciate if you would:

  • forward this Web site via e-mail or regular mail with your comments to your friends and family;
  • request that they consider contributing to this worthwhile cause;
  • remind them that their employer might match their gift.

The matching fund initiative through the Internet in recognition of Diane's philanthropic activities is the first project that we will undertake. Once this project is well established, other endeavors being considered include:

  • a read-a-thon in recognition of Amy and Allison’s love for reading;
  • concerts in recognition of the Lee family's love for music; and
  • a memory book for all of us who loved them so much.
  • a yearly report on scholarships awarded with an appeal for funds.

Thank you for your care and concern for our family as well as your consideration of our request.